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Patrick Hogan´s STILL is a faint but intense book. A few people who are close to the photographer or are important are shown in portraits, and there are some nude photographs of a young woman. These images, that sometimes re-appear elsewhere in the book in a cropped, faded or fragmented form are accompanied by landscapes and interiors, dead animals and abstractions. It is interesting how chains of associations are also generated by formal analogies. A red ball flies into the air, a red fruit lies crushed on the ground, a car has red wheels and a red bucket is full of blood.

A very personal approach to subjects like love, longing and loss in a small, carefully designed book.
Self-Published 2013 /// 96 Pages /// 71 Images /// 240 mm x 190 mm /// Hard Cover /// Essay by Colin Graham /// Poem by Dermot Healy /// Signed Edition with German Translation

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