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A weird book that Enda Bowe photographed in a small town in Ireland. Where, she does not say. It´s not about the town, it´s about a feeling, a mood. Beauty of the everyday? Standstill despite youth? Hope for no reason?

In any case, there is snow in winter, and when there is no snow, something else is pressing on the little houses, a white veil. And no one is on the street. In the surroundings there are forests, meadows and water - sometimes too much. The young men and women Enda Bowe portrayed should have something to live up to, but they do not look particularly enthusiastic.

Really very special, this book. I like it, but I can not say why.
BLUE SWALLOW 2016 /// 27,5 x 22,5 cm /// 64 Pages /// 37 colour images /// Softcover with dust jacket /// Text records by John Glenday, Lucy Caldwell /// Englisch

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