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Ole Rindal has a family. His wife Mandoka, his little son Dag and the little daughter Miya. And this is only about the three and how he sees them.

He photographed all three of them, mostly at home in everyday life, not together, but each and every one for himself. And to each of them he dedicated a small booklet. Dag - Madoka - Miya. Nothing else.

But that´s enough to take your breath. The emotion, the love, the happiness to belong to these people speaks from every picture.

A sweet dream. To die for.
Libraryman 2016 /// 3 booklets /// 14 cm x 20 cm /// 66 pages /// 3 fold-outs /// 48 color plates /// Softcover /// Saddle-stitched /// Colored obi-band with typography in white foil.

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