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+++ Only a few copies +++

Patrik Budenz has published two books with Peperoni Books: ›Quaestiones Medico Legales - Behind the Scenes of Forensic Medicin‹ (German only), the title speaks for itself, and ›Post Mortem‹, a much-respected and discussed series on the path of the dead body from death to grave.

In recent years Patrik Budenz has spent a lot of time in Thailand and has intensively dealt with the country´s culture. And again he has sought unusual and very focused approaches. We have plans with his pictures, but some time will pass before a new publication is in stores.

Completed is a series with portraits of Thai boxers photographed immediately after the end of their 15 minute show fights. In the tunnel. With eyes staring dead ahead.

For exhibitions in Berlin and Bangkok, we have produced a total of 30 copies of this paperback, and because the suitcases for the latest trip to Thailand were full, I can offer some copies of the small edition.

Very strong portraits paired with few pictures of the battles.
Selfpublished 2017 /// 24 x 33 cm / 60 pages /// BW illustrations throughout /// Softcover /// Saddle stitched /// Edition of 30

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