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That millions of people are fleeing from war, destruction, economic hardship, hunger is a fact. The news are packed with reports about refugees and also about the international political interests and conflicts that are the cause. And also freelance photographers recently have worked on the topic for reports and books, often very close to those concerned and their destinies.

›Incoming‹ is quite different. For the book and the film on which it is based Richard Mosse has used a recording technology developed for military purposes, which just represents relative temperature differences. He filmed refugees and operations of military and aid organizations in Africa, in the Middle East and Europe. But it is not a documentary and he is not at all close to the people. To say it more drastic, there are no individuals. The recording technique shows refugees as an unstoppable, faceless zombie armada and officials with helmets and uniforms and their aircrafts and boats as puzzle pieces of a hopelessly chaotic scenery.

A horror. And that´s what it is.
Mack 2017 /// 576 pages /// 280 tritone plates /// 17.5 cm x 19.7 cm /// OTA-bound paperback with metallic silkscreen cover image and black painted edges /// Metallic tritone printing throughout /// Text records by Richard Mosse and the philosopher Giorgi

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