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COPYCAT - NEXT has emerged from a photo course conducted by Henrik Spohler at the HTW Berlin, during which the students had to deal with two subjects photographically.

For COPYCAT, the students used styles, approaches and themes of existing work to develop their own series on this basis.

For NEXT the wide field FUTURE should be worked on, whether personal, political, scientific, utopian ...

So far so good. But what more can you expect than just a proof of achievement, a loosely related portfolio, when you present the series together in one book?

COPYCAT - NEXT is the exception.

Part 1 introduces surreal-looking details, strange suburban architecture and landart installations and leads to the Sado Maso - and the Underground club and the homeless on the street. Part 2 starts with pseudo-surveillance, shows futuristic architecture, uniforming, satellite images of Syria, whose cruelty can be projected into the future, technical device whose purpose remains unexplained or which is used for the research of TIME and with MINUS 196 GRAD CELSIUS ends in Cinderella´s Coffin. If the frozen people actually re-awaken, then in the FUTURE.

The fact that the students have succeeded in creating such an exciting and coherent book from the heterogeneous material is a splendid achievement.

The book was created only on the occasion of the course and will not be available through regular distribution. I can just offer some copies which I warmly recommend to you, no matter that the text is German only.
Selfpublished 2017 /// 188 pages /// 21 x 27 cm /// Colour illustrations throughout /// Perfect binding /// Edition of 120 copies

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