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The first printed edition published by Fotodepartament – the set AMPLITUDE No. 1, consisting of 10 books of Russian artists working with photography.

For a few years I gave lectures at the Rodchenko School in Moscow, learned to know a lot of talented young photographers and published a couple of books with my publishing house PEPERONI BOOKS, including Igor Samolets ›be happy‹ and Danila Tkachenkos ›Escape‹. I hope to continue the cooperation, but for a number of reasons, it has not become more easy for me, as for the young people, to present their work on an international stage.

But the scene is alive. And FOTODEPARTAMENT ST. PETERSBURG is doing a lot to make the work of young Russian artists visible. So also with AMPLITUDE No 1. Of course, a predefined format, namely a booklet with 28 pages in the format 16 x 23 cm, can not fully meet every requirement. The set is nevertheless remarkable and shows the radicalism, the experimental eagerness, and the often wonderfully surreal and existentially physical approach of the young women and men, as well as the diversity of subjects they are moved by. Identity, youth, city and country, alienation, love, sex or simply the people from the neighborhood.

The set of 10 books is available in an edition of 100 copies and offers an exciting insight into the young Russian photography scene beyond the few artists already established in the West.

Artists: Alexey Bogolepov, Margo Ovcharenko, Irina Ivannikova, Anastasia Tsayder, Igor Samolet, Olya Ivanova, Irina Yulieva, Irina Zadorozhnaia, Anastasia Tailakova, Yuri Gudkov
Fotodepartament St. Petersburg 2017 /// Cardboard box with 10 books 0f 28 pages each /// 16 x 23 cm /// English, Russian

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