This book is very sad, very true and very good. Above that it is excellently designed and printed and unfortunately with a circulation of only 250 copies also rare. I can only offer a few copies.

When the photographer Robert Lyons moves back to the US in 2008, to Masschusetts, to be exact, he lacks a few tools to arrange everything in his new home. A friend knows advice and makes him known to her uncle Walter - Walter Niemiec. He can help.

Walter is 85, has spent virtually all his life in a house in the neighborhood and over the decades collected, cared for and kept objects that have accompanied his life, reflect his interests and made up his everyday life. A universe of fishing tackle, model aircraft, weapons and ammunition, piles of specialist literature, plaid shirts, clocks, cameras and radios, flags. Yes, the house is full, but there is order, even with the spices in the kitchen shelf.

Ok, fishing routes, model airplanes, ammunition - not necessarily what I'm most interested in, and I think that's true of the photographer as well. Yet he kept coming back to Walter's house to photograph everything. Because altogether these things tell of a life full of energy, passion and individuality. But also that everything that means something to this man will lose its meaning once he is no longer there to bring it to life. The few portraits of the old man make this painfully clear.

A very moving book.
Zatara Press 2017 /// 19.3 x 27 cm /// 29 Color Photographs /// Leporello /// Hardcover, Swiss bound /// English /// Edition of 250 Copies

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