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HUMAN NATURE - a huge title. But not too big for Lucas Foglia, who has already proved with A NATURAL ORDER and FRONTCOUNTRY how well he knows how to make epic images of the relationship between man and nature.

Lucas Foglia worked on this project for 10 years, on a global scope. New York, Hawaii, California, Carolina, Virginia, Texas, but also Antarctica, Sweden, Singapore and Korea. City, country, forest, oceans, ice fields, desert, wilderness. Accompanied by scientists, he has pursued two questions, namely, how do people in general change nature and what does nature do with the individual.

Lucas Foglia can not offer conclusive answers either, but his pictures bear witness to the tremendous powers of nature and civilization, and at the same time show how each person, as part of the whole, inevitably faces the contradictions of his existence.

A great photo book.
Nazraeli 2017 /// Clothbound hardcover /// 9.5 x 12.5 inches /// 92 pages /// 58 four-color plates /// English

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